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Certificate: Social Justice and Human Rights

When power starts to shift dramatically, whether in developing countries or in developed countries, advancing social justice can prove a contradictory process. Justice, the rule of law, peace and equal rights - including sexual and reproductive health rights, the right to development or the right to political participation - may be promised, whilst simultaneously injustices, violence and exclusions continue to shape people‚Äôs daily lives.

The course work in this theoretically and methodologically rigorous program examines social issues in contexts defined by multiple and intersecting forms of social identity and disadvantage, including gender, race, ethnicity, class, sexuality and nationality. The course offers critical reflections on issues relating to gender, human rights, conflict and social mobilization, which are all key to social justice. The Social Justice addresses economic, political, legal, social, cultural and historical underpinnings of social justice.
The Following are the Key Thematic Areas Participants Will Cover:

Module 1: Introduction of Human Rights

  1. Introduction

  2. Understanding Human Rights

  3. Human Rights and Human Society

  4. History and Philosophy of Human Rights

  5. Concepts and Nature of Human Rights

  6. Human Rights Standards at the Universal Level

  7. Implementation of Universal Human Rights Instruments

  8. Human Rights and Civil Society

Module 2: Fundamental Elements of Rights Systems

  1. Introduction

  2. Rights vs Entitlements

  3. Obligations vs Commitments

  4. Accountability Mechanisms

Module 3: Fundamental Human Rights Principles

  1. Sources of Human Rights

  2. Customary International Law

  3. Human Rights as the Guarantor of Human Dignity

  4. Implementing Human Rights

  5. The Requirement of Legality

  6. The Rule of Law

  7. The Right to an Effective Remedy

  8. Retrospective

Module 4: Concepts and Development of Human Rights and Social Justice

  1. Introduction

  2. The Concept of Justice

  3. Historical Development of the Concept of Justice

  4. The Scope of Social Justice

  5. Components of Social Justice

  6. Human Rights Approach to Social Justice

  7. The Relationship Between Human Rights and Social Justice

  8. Difference between Social Justice and Social Inclusion

  9. United Nations and Social Justice

Fee Information:The course participation fee is USD 400. You will receive an invoice by email after registration. More information is available in the event link provided on this page. Registration will be closed as soon as the course is full and your place is secured once your payment is confirmed.
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