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Diploma in Gender and Development

Africa Training Institute is pleased to announce Diploma in Gender and Development Course. This is both an online and Distance Learning Course, which starts 1st of every month.

Overall Course Overview
In response to increased global attention to gender issues, there is a growing need for knowledge and skills in gender and development. This course is designed to prompt an exploration of common behaviors and attitudes towards gender differences. It will present facts and figures
about the situation of women and men in our society today – and references from key documents that highlight policies formulated to address gender concerns. Recent events have shown that if governments are serious about achieving the Sustainable Development Goals, SDG’s, it is essential that gender be taken into account for all the goals. Gender equality in the SDGs touches almost exclusively on the area of education, and research does show the importance of equality in this area, but this is not sufficient.

This e-learning course will empower the participants with tools and sector-specific guidelines for gender mainstreaming in their various institutions and development planning. It will further improve the abilities of participants to reduce gender inequalities in their various homes,
organization and communities. 

At the end of the course enable participants to be better equipped with the analytical and conceptual skills needed to understand gender issues in both contexts, enabling them to participate effectively in gender and development-related research, policy-making and

Course Objectives
- Familiarize with key analytic gender and development debates.
- Able to relate these debates to development theory, policy and practice at local, national and international levels.
- Able to comprehend and manipulate complex analytical gender arguments.
- Capable to evaluate impact of development interventions (policy, projects and institutional reform) on gender equity and empowerment.
- Influence and intervene in community development projects at every level of society
The Following are the Key Thematic Areas Participants Will Cover:
  1. Introduction to Gender and Development

  2. Gender and Law

  3. Gender and Media

  4. Gender and Education

  5. Gender, Conflict and Peace

  6. Gender and Human Rights

Assignments: There are four assignments (continuous assessment tests), research paper and one examination to be offered at the end of the course. Assignments account for 40%, research paper counts for 30%, while the Final Exam accounts for 30% of the total mark. Upon completion of the course, you shall be issued with a Diploma Certificate and a course transcript.

Examination Certificate and Transcripts will be sent after successful completion of the course. 

Duration and Course Load: 24 weeks (5 to 6 hours per week)

Dates: (Six Months) Course Starts at 1st of Every Month

ParticipantsDevelopment Professionals

Regions: Global

Organizer:  Africa Training Institute

Language: English

Format: Web-based and Distance Learning Facilitated 

General Course Contact:
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