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Diploma in Monitoring & Evaluation

Africa Training Institute is pleased to announce a Diploma in Monitoring & Evaluation Course. This is both an online and Distance Learning Course, which starts 1st of every month.

Overall Course Overview
Now more than ever, funding organizations seek more accountability for the funds they provide to development projects. Development organizations understand they are more likely to receive future funding if they can deliver and show results. That’s why employees who have specialized Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) skills are in demand. This specialized knowledge helps to assess a project’s performance and its lasting impact.
The Following are the Key Thematic Areas Participants Will Cover:

Module 1

  1. Introduction to Monitoring & Evaluation

  2. Project Planning and Implementation

  3. Evaluation Types and Modules

  4. Monitoring and Evaluation Tools and Methods

  5. Data Analysis and Report Writing

  6. Why Monitoring and Evaluation

  7. Designing a Monitoring System

  8. Baseline Control

  9. Results Based Management

Module 2

  1. Indicators

  2. Project Management Techniques in Monitoring and Evaluation

  3. Understanding the Project

  4. Stakeholder Analysis

  5. Importance of Monitoring and Evaluation

  6. Cluster Development

  7. Community Based Participatory Research

  8. Participatory Evaluation

Module 3

  1. Choosing Questions and Planning for Evaluation

  2. Information Gathering and Synthesis

  3. Qualitative and Quantitative Evaluation Design

  4. Selecting Appropriate Design

  5. Collecting and Analyzing Data

  6. Collecting and Use of Archival Data

  7. Refining Project based on Evaluation

Module 4

  1. Using Evaluation Design to answer Key Questions about your Project

  2. Providing Feedback

  3. Communicating Evaluation Results

  4. Evaluation Report Writing

Assignments: There are four assignments (continuous assessment tests), research paper and one examination to be offered at the end of the course. Assignments account for 40%, research paper counts for 30%, while the Final Exam accounts for 30% of the total mark. Upon completion of the course, you shall be issued with a Diploma Certificate and a course transcript.

Examination Certificate and Transcripts will be sent after successful completion of the course.

Duration and Course Load: 24 weeks (5 to 6 hours per week)

Dates: (Six Months) Course Starts at 1st of Every Month

ParticipantsDevelopment Professionals

Regions: Global

Organizer:  Africa Training Institute

Language: English

Format: Web-based and Distance Learning Facilitated

General Course Contact:
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