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Diploma In Public Health In Humanitarian Crisis

This Course offers conversations on the public health approach to issues faced by those impacted by disasters, including natural and those related to Conflict.
The course covers the numerous changes that people experience when their lives are disrupted by a disaster, including altered disease patterns, access to healthcare, livelihoods, shelter, sanitary conditions, nutritional status, and more.
The Course will further explore what humanitarian interventions could look like if we want to mitigate the effects of disasters.

Course Overview
•    introduce the students to the humanitarian crisis aspects of various types of disasters.
•    present real-life examples of how public health is compromised in a disaster;
•    human rights Violations;
•    who are vulnerable groups;
•    how environment suffers;
•    how is life in chronic conflict situations;
•    basics of public health preparedness and relief activities.
•    learn of various effects of disasters
•    basic strategies and components of a public health response to crisis situations caused by disasters.

Modules to be covered
•    Humanitarian Disasters and Public Health;
•    Humanitarian Actors and Coordination;
•    Water and Sanitation;
•    Nutrition in Humanitarian Crises;
•    Management of Diseases in Humanitarian Crises;
•    Health Care in Humanitarian Emergencies;
•    Shelter in a Humanitarian Setting;
•    Protection of Displaced Populations:
•    Human Rights & Humanitarian Law
•    Emerging Risks, Challenges, and Opportunities for Future Humanitarian Emergencies.
Mode Of Delivery:
Online / Distance Learning

Application Procedure:
Applicants can also contact the undersigned via email

Material Provided:
Online delivery of curriculum materials, exercises and templates.

General Course Contact
The Academics Manager,
Africa Training Institute Studies (ATI)
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