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Post Graduate Diploma in Nutrition and Dietetics

Africa Training Institute is pleased to announce Post-Graduate Diploma in Nutrition and Dietetics Course. This is both an online and Distance Learning Course, which starts 1st of every month.

Overall Course Overview
Human Nutrition and Dietetics offers excellent training to Nutritionists and Dietitians, Dietetic Technicians and Technologists who will use science to promote healthy eating habits for both preventive and curative management of nutritional disorders. Diet therapy, nutritional research, counseling and education are all within the realm of the nutrition and dietetics profession. It is also a comprehensive introduction to the important role nutrition and diet play in maintaining health. With the huge rise in diet related illnesses such as obesity, type II diabetes and cardiovascular disease we face important choices in terms of diet and nutrition on a daily basis. It is also important to understand the role nutrition plays in growth and development throughout our lives. The course aims at developing basic understanding about nutrition, its effect on human health and newer advances in food technology. This course encompasses physiological, biochemical and social aspects of food and discusses relationship between metabolites and human health. Moreover, the course is focused on the advances in the most emerging area of applied science of Nutraceuticals (where food is the medicine). The knowledge of nutrition under extreme climate conditions, space nutrition, and sports nutrition empowers students’ knowledge and skills to utilize food as a powerful tool for physical, mental, and social well-being.

Course Objectives 
At the end of this course, the learners should demonstrate knowledge on:

- To develop a coherent and broad based coverage of Purchasing and Supplies Management and the underlying principles in the supply chain management
- To equip the learners with appropriate business skills in Purchasing and Supplies Management
- To enhance learners' confidence and ability to critically evaluate supply chain requirements. To enable learners to develop solutions from moral, professional and academic perspectives.
- To provide students with experience in the development of Supply Chain Systems necessary for solving business problems and making managerial decisions. To prepare the candidates to undertake research and pursue Post-graduate studies
The Following are the Key Thematic Areas Participants Will Cover:
Minimum Entry Requirements
Common regulations governing Post-Graduate Diplomas shall be applicable

The following shall be eligible for admission
- Holders of a Bachelor's Degree from a recognizable University
- Holders of an equivalent qualification from any other recognizable Institution

- The Entire Duration is one year (2 Semesters)
- Candidates shall be expected to submit 10 Assignments (Continuous Assessment Tests) that account to 60% of their Final Grade, and a Research Paper at the tail end of the course which accounts to 30% of their Final Grade and a Final Examination will account for 10% of the Final Grade.

Mode of Delivery
Online / Distance Learning

Cost of the Course
USD 1 000

Application Procedure
Applicants should fill out a detailed Application form and send it back via e-mail to

General Course Contact
The Academics Manager,
Africa Training Institute Studies (ATI)
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