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Corporate Governance, Business Ethics, & Corporate Social Responsibility Training Workshop

The program aims to create a comprehension of the underlying concepts of Corporate Governance, CSR and business ethics that apply to the contemporary business atmosphere. It's created to nurture participants understanding of the honest influences on economic, managerial, financial, and green factors of the business.
The program further aims to create an ability to significantly analyses ethical problems in business.
This course reviews various regulatory processes vital to the knowledge of the concepts of corporate governance.

Who can attend?
Professionals in companies that are private, NGOs, international organizations, and governments who'd love to study and use the idea of governance will see this program helpful.
Program Objectives:
  • Explain and evaluate business governance plays in maintaining the stability of marketplaces and keeping public confidence within public intuitions
  • Describe and analyses the main areas of corporate governance frameworks
  • describe and evaluate the job of inspection in corporate governance
  • compare as well as contrast approaches to business governance internationally
  • implications of the dynamics and scope of environmental and social accountability for business governance practice
  • Explain and assess the roles as well as duties of executive directors, nonexecutive directors, auditors as well as organization secretaries in ensuring effective corporate governance
  • Explain the outside reporting needs associated with business governance
  • Essential role of ethical values in the importance and business relations of ethical therapy of others for organizational and individual success
  • principles and concepts of ethical reasoning which are created in ethical theory, and also to have the ability to apply these ideas and concepts to certain ethical issues
  • the legal and regulatory framework of business since it bears on ethical problems in business and also the ethical basis of that framework
  • assess the ethical basis of business governance and organization, which includes the ethical reasons for and against the principles of company cultural responsibility as well as stakeholder

Course Content
  • Introduction
  • Corporate governance principles and theories
  • The job of the regulatory framework
  • Models of business governance
  • Board of directors
  • Environmental and social issues
  • Corporate governance problems in practice
  • Introduction to Ethics
  • Ethics Resource Management
  • Employers and Employees
  • Human and Globalization Rights
  • Customers rights as well as privacy
  • Environmental Issues
  • Regulation and Law on Ethical Issues
  • Corporate Programs and Ethical Reasoning
  • Ethics in Finance
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