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Monitoring & Evaluation For Governance Training Workshop

This professional development workshop on monitoring and evaluation for governance provides a useful foundation to create successful frameworks for checking and analyzing the implementation of development plans, budgets, projects, and programs. The course uses a viewpoint of utilizing M&E to improve governance therefore also considers the M&E within an oversight role.
The primary framework adopted will be the logical framework or maybe logframe that is based on the results chain logic. The Logframe is something that could communicate the crucial components of a complex program, clearly, along with succinctly during the entire program or maybe the project cycle. The Logframe is utilized to produce the general style of a task, to enhance project implementation monitoring, and also to improve periodic project evaluation. The Logframe is a cause and effect type of project interventions to produce desired outcomes. The focus on a logical framework strategy offers the participant with compelling and relevant tools to evaluate and understand an extensive range of methods to calculate and assess progress in the long run.
The Evaluation and Monitoring programme seeks to enhance capacity in management, checking and evaluation. It is a reaction to the government 's need for personnel who could effectively measure outcomes and outputs of its interventions as a means of improving evidence-based decision making.

Duration: 5 days 

Who Can Attened
The program is the intended for Government officials and also Development advisors associated with the design, implementation, oversight, and management of national and sphere plans, budgets, projects and programs. Programme managers; Program staff members in control of checking governance projects; professionals doing work in civil society groups, governmental agencies involved with M&E and all those interested in M&E.
It focuses explicitly on staff members in Monitoring and Evaluation devices within Government Ministries along with Other oversight agencies and parliamentarians.

Objectives of training on monitoring and evaluation for governance
  • By the conclusion on the M&E for Governance program participants will have the ability to: Develop succinct comprehension of M&E principles, principles, framework and processes for governance programmes.
  • Achieve a good comprehension of the job that M&E can play in boosting project and program control and policy decision making.
  • Develop insight into the different stages of the evaluation process and tools/ methodologies that are most appropriate in different types of evaluations.
  • Get acquainted with debates on tools and challenges for checking and evaluating support of local governance and decentralization.
  • Get suggestions on how you can utilize PM&E resources for building up the capabilities of stakeholders of decentralization on the local and national level and also for strengthening accountability devices at the municipal level.
  • Understand precisely how the log frame strategy promotes evidence-based policy making; permits stakeholders being engaged in the policy cycle as well as process; supports a specific, sequenced and long-term perspective; and also supports specific routes of interaction.
  • Define Theory of Change along with Critical pathway
  • Identify and produce governance performance indicators
  • Develop and develop M&E system/framework for governance program.
  • Assess the importance and usefulness of various methods and tools used in checking as well as evaluating governance programmes.

The following topics will be covered:
  • ➢ Definition of Monitoring as well as Evaluation
  • ➢ Importance of Monitoring as well as Evaluation
  • ➢ Purposes of Monitoring as well as Evaluation
  • ➢ Governance, Leadership &Public Value
  • ➢ Development Interventions
  • ➢ Introduction to M&E for governance programs
  • ➢ Monitoring as well as Evaluation Indicators along with Measurements
  • ➢ Standards of performance at values
  • ➢ Values as well as principles governing public administration
  • ➢ principles expressing a little dimension of public program performance
  • ➢ Specific problems encountered in checking and evaluating support to local governance and decentralization
  • ➢ Support for national M&E methods and also harmonized approaches
  • ➢ Logframe Analysis
  • ➢ Theory of Change along with Critical pathway
  • ➢ Setting performance indicators
  • ➢ Developing governance general performance frameworks/M&E system
  • ➢ M&E tactics and applications for governance programs
  • ➢ Evaluating governance program
  • ➢ Managing Monitoring as well as Evaluation Practice
  • ➢ Monitoring Systems
  • ➢ Project Cycle management
  • ➢ Participatory Evaluation and Monitoring
  • ➢ Public Performance and Finance Budgeting
  • ➢ Building necessary statistical and also analytical capacities
  • ➢ Communicating and reporting M&E results
  • ➢ Focus on several recent trends and also interesting practices
  • ➢ The significance of strategic alliances as well as harmonized approaches

Training Cost
OnsiteUSD 800
Online: USD 500

Group Discounts Apply
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